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The Idaho Old Time Fiddlers Association (IOTFA) is a Non profit corporation. The purpose of the Old Time Fiddlers is to promote and to perpetuate old-time fiddling: To encourage young people to develop their musical talents and afford them opportunities to perform in public. To hold "Jam sessions" and "fiddling contests" for the enjoyment of the members of the association as well as the enjoyment by the public. To furnish musical entertainment to convalescent homes, hospitals, and private homes for the purpose of brightening the lives of shut-ins; and to educate the public to the values of fiddling entertainment. To encourage members to participate in public events and activities including local, county, regional, sectional, and national events. To encourage fiddling meetings and parties for the purpose of exchanging ideas in the techniques of fiddling; and for making and exchanging sound tapes to preserve old fiddle tunes as well as record new fiddle tunes and other country music. To provide meeting places for those who are interested in the old-time fiddling and country music, and for all the activities in any way related to or required by the other aims of the association.